1- MELAMINE FACED PANELS (MF- MDF & MF CHIOBOARD) Masdar are offering Melamine Face -MDF and Melamine faced chipboards (MFC) produced by the best suppliers in Europe by KRONOSPAN.

2- MELAMINE AND PVC EDGE BANDS Masdar are offering Melamine and PVC edge bands matching to all Melamine panels and laminate colors. Melamine edge bands are available in rolls of 50m and 100m with width of 22 to 40 mm and thickness of 0.3 mm. While PVC edge bands are available in rolls of 100 m and width of 22 mm and thicknesses of 1 mm.

3- DECORATIVE LAMINATES (HPL) Masdar are offering (HPL) laminates which are suitable for most horizontal and vertical flat surfaces applications. Available in various textures and wide range of attractive colors. HPL are available in sheet forms of 0.5 mm till 1 mm from Modecor & Turkish ASD factories.

4- LAMINATED FLOORING (HDF PARQE) We supply Laminated flooring which is available in wide range of colors and surface textures and wear resistance grade of AC3 or AC4. Easy to install without glue, easy to maintain and clean with a warranty up to 20 years.
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